Bare Metal

Discover the power of Scaleway's Bare Metal selection, the bedrock of our cloud innovation since 1999. Starting with our trailblazing Online servers and extending to our comprehensive current Bare Metal offerings, immerse yourself in unparalleled performance and customized solutions to fulfill a wide spectrum of requirements.

Bare Metal ranges


Build a tailored infrastructure

A range of stand-alone dedicated servers. Choose your own among almost 100 hardware configurations to build your personalized infrastructure, with reliability and security thanks to 99,95% SLA.
Starting from €8.99/month

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Elastic Metal

Seamless and hybrid flexibility

A range of Bare Metal within a Public Cloud ecosystem empowers to tailor infrastructure precisely to all the versatile workload requirements.
Starting from €43.99/month or €0.122/hour

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Apple Silicon

For services that run on iOS on macOS

As you scale your development and testing efforts, Mac Mini can serve as a cost-effective solution for setting up a testing lab with multiple devices without investing in high-end Mac hardware.
Starting from €0.11/hour

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More than 100 hardware configuration

With more than 100 hardware configuration options at your disposal, our service offers an unparalleled level of customization for your specific needs.

Dedicated performance and full server control

Experience dedicated performance like never before. You have the autonomy to fine-tune settings, install preferred software, and optimize resources to ensure your applications and services run at peak efficiency.

Availability Rate >99.9%

RPN-SAN HA (High Availability) storage offerings provide an availability rate of 99.99%. The "Basic" versions provide an availability rate of 99.9%.

Access to a premium reliable network 

This ensures that your services remain accessible and responsive, even during periods of high demand or unexpected traffic spikes.

Wide range of options for your infrastructure

Whether you're looking to scale vertically by upgrading individual components or horizontally by adding more servers to your network, our platform accommodates your growth requirements with flexibility and efficiency.

Elastic Metal

Seamless and hybrid flexibility

Our cutting-edge infrastructure offers a seamless and hybrid approach to flexibility, enabling you to seamlessly integrate on-premises and cloud resources. This means you can dynamically allocate workloads across environments, providing the agility needed to adapt to evolving business demands.

Predictable performance

Whether you're handling mission-critical applications or demanding workloads, you can trust that our resources are optimized for peak efficiency, providing you with the confidence to tackle even the most demanding tasks.

Flexible pricing options from hour to month

We understand that cost-effectiveness is a key consideration for businesses of all sizes. That's why we offer a range of flexible pricing models, from hourly billing for short-term projects to monthly plans for long-term stability.

Resource optimization and a wide range of server options

Maximizing resource utilization is crucial for achieving operational efficiency. Elastic Metal is designed with resource optimization at its core, allowing you to efficiently allocate and manage your server resources.

Cloud ecosystem compatibility

At Scaleway, Elastic Metal is a full-fledged member of our ecosystem which includes Instances, Object Storage, Load Balancers, Managed Database, Managed Kubernetes, etc.

Simplified management and versatile workload distribution

Managing a complex infrastructure can be a daunting task, which is why aim simplicity and ease of use. With intuitive management tools and a user-friendly Console, you can efficiently oversee your entire infrastructure.

Apple Silicon

Lightning-fast CI-CD for iOS and macOS

This is made possible by leveraging exceptional network latency from our strategic location in Europe. This means that code deployments, testing, and continuous integration processes are executed with remarkable efficiency.

Ultra secure data center located in France

Security is paramount in today's digital landscape, and we take it to a whole new level. Housed in a historic former nuclear fallout shelter deep beneath the bustling streets of Paris, our data center provides an unparalleled level of physical security.

Fully native macOS Monterey 13 experience

Experience macOS like never before with our fully native integration of macOS Monterey 13. This seamless compatibility ensures that you're working in an environment that is optimized for performance and stability.

CharacteristicsDediboxElastic MetalApple Mac mini M1
Availability Zones / DatacentersDC2, DC3, DC5, AMS1PAR1, PAR2, AMS1PAR3
Usable as private cloud*YesYesNo
Usable as hybrid cloud**NoYesNo
BillingMonthlyMonthly or hourlyHourly (min 24h)
ConsoleDediboxScaleway CloudScaleway Cloud
Termination noticeYesNoNo (after 24h)
FeesYesHourly - no Monthly - yesNo
Dev toolsAPI DediboxTerraform, API, CLITerraform, API, CLI
Bandwidthfrom 100Mbit/s to 25 Gbit/s* * optionUp to 1 Gbit/sUp to 1 Gbit/s
Private NetworkRPNVPC Private Network-
Distant volumesRPN-SAN* *on a selection of serversNone ( NFS/Block on Roadmap )-
BackupsDedibackupMulti-AZ Object Storage-
Additional disk optionsYes (on a selection of servers)NoNo
IP optionsIP failoverFlexible IPNo
OSUbuntu, Debian, Rocky Linux, Oracle Linux, CentOS, BigBlueButton, Proxmox, ESXi, WindowsUbuntu, Debian, Rocky Linux, Oracle Linux, CentOS, BigBlueButton, Proxmox, ESXi, WindowsmacOS Monterey 12 (macOS Ventura 13 on roadmap)

*Private Cloud = refers to a cloud computing environment that is used exclusively by a single organization. Unlike public clouds, which are owned and operated by third-party cloud service providers and serve multiple customers, a private cloud is typically owned, operated, and maintained by the organization itself. This means that the organization has full control over the infrastructure.
**Hybrid Cloud = a cloud computing environment that combines elements of both public and private clouds. In a hybrid cloud setup, data and applications can be shared between them. This allows for greater flexibility and optimization of existing infrastructure, while still maintaining a level of control over sensitive information.

Other products you may need

Virtual Instances

A wide range of instances fully integrated into Scaleway’s cloud ecosystem, designed to offer the best price/performance ratio. Delivered in seconds, our Virtual Instances range is made to meet all your workload needs.

Object Storage

S3-compatible and Multi-AZ resilient object storage service. Ensuring high availability for your data.

Load Balancer

Load Balancers are highly available and fully managed Instances which distribute workloads among your servers. They ensure application scaling while delivering their continuous availability. Improve the performance of your services as you grow.

Virtual Private Cloud

VPC is a product allowing you to build your own Virtual Private Cloud on top of Scaleway’s shared public cloud. This keeps your Scaleway resources secure and isolated, away from the public Internet. Secure and isolate your Compute resources within a Layer-2 Private Network

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Frequently asked questions

A "bare metal server" is a single-tenant physical server. In this case, a "single-tenant" means that the physical resources of the server cannot be shared by more than one tenant. The server belongs only to you.
The name ‘bare metal’ underlines that the tenant has unrestricted access to the hardware. A bare-metal server can have multiple users as long as all the users are part of the entity renting the server (tenant).
The characteristics of a bare metal server are also its advantages, which differentiate bare metal from virtual machines or containers. Among them, there are:

  • Performance: direct access to the physical hardware, which can lead to improved performance, especially for resource-intensive applications.
  • Resource Isolation: full control over the resources and allocation of them as needed without worrying about sharing with other VMs.
  • I/O Performance: Bare metal machines generally offer better I/O performance compared to virtual instances. Virtualization introduces an additional layer of abstraction for I/O operations, which can lead to increased latency and reduced I/O performance in certain scenarios.
  • Security: fewer layers between your application and the hardware, reducing the attack surface.
  • Specialized Hardware: if your application requires specific hardware components or features that may not be easily virtualized, using bare metal machines allows you to take full advantage of these hardware capabilities.
  • Large Workloads: for large-scale, high-performance workloads that demand maximum resource utilization, bare metal machines can be more suitable. Virtualization introduces some overhead in terms of memory and CPU usage, which might impact the performance of such workloads.

Scaleway is one of the historical players in the bare metal market. 100% European brand, we have a presence in several countries and trust of the clients all over the world.
At Scaleway, we offer a wide range of bare metal products that includes three main products: Dedibox, Elastic Metal, and M1. From affordable dedicated servers to flexible pricing and native integration into a complete cloud ecosystem, we have something for everyone.

  • Dedibox contains 4 historical product ranges: Start, Pro, Core & Store, and almost 100 hardware configurations with options for private network, bandwidth, storage, and OS.
  • Elastic Metal is a more recent range of dedicated servers integrated within the Public Cloud ecosystem. It contains 5 product lines: Aluminium, Beryllium, Lithium, Iridium, and Titanium.
  • For Apple users, we offer Mac Mini 1 and starting from the end of 2023 Mac Mini 2.

Scaleway is a historical actor in Bare Metal in Europe and has developed unparalleled expertise in this domain.
Established in 1999, the Scaleway team (formerly known as embarked on a journey by pioneering Dedicated Servers powered by cutting-edge ARM chips. Over two decades and counting, Scaleway has consistently evolved its Bare Metal product line, diversifying its offerings and hardware to provide an extensive array of services to its valued customers.
With a large choice of server configurations, add-ons, and integrations, our customers have the opportunity to build either their personalized private or hybrid infrastructure. Our servers are available in two availability zones in France and the Netherlands, with further expansion plans within Europe.

According to the latest user research, more than 74% of Scaleway Bare Metal customers are highly satisfied with their servers. They rely on Scaleway to build their Bare Metal workload, for many reasons, such as:

  • Price/performance ratio,
  • Storage size,
  • Virtualization capabilities
  • Flexible billing.
  • If you are looking for reliability and security
  • If you need to build tailored infrastructure
  • Your business requires complete control over your server's functions.
  • You want to have access to a premium, reliable network that ensures seamless connectivity
  • Flexible customization with a setup with just a few clicks is a must-have for you
  • Trust a provider with a proven track record
  • Do not want to spend time managing your infrastructure and ensuring streamlined control over your server's setup and operations
  • Embrace the freedom of commitment-free server rental
  • If the workload of your business is inconsistent (i.e. seasonal peaks or drops) and you need to build an infrastructure precisely to your diverse workload requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency
  • You're aiming to establish a private cloud that seamlessly aligns with other cloud solutions, such as Instances
  • You are looking for 100% dedicated machines without the overhead of a hypervisor
  • Cost optimization is your priority
  • Due to a lack of resources, you require simplified management of the entire cloud (i.e. Kubernetes)
  • You are looking for the reliability of a dedicated server and the flexibility of the cloud at an affordable price
  • You are building a private cloud compatible with other cloud solutions (Load balancer, Instances, Private Network, Object Storage, etc)