Container Registry

An easy-to-use Docker repository.

Fully managed

Store, manage, and deploy container images. We've got your registries covered from development to production.

Deploy to Kubernetes

Quickly orchestrate the deployment of all your containerized apps in a flexible infrastructure.

Control the OS versioning process

Simplify your development environment. Ensure your team is working on the same version of the application.

Container Registry use cases

Store your container images

Facilitate the storage, management, and deployment of your container images and ensure a smooth and fast recovery of your container workloads.

Container Registry Features

Image replication

Images are securely stored, load-balanced, and replicated across our internal Object Storage buckets to ensure high availability.

Docker management

We manage your Docker Registry from installation to security updates.

Image versions

Track any change in your container image versions and easily revert your deployment if needed. Choose which image version you want to keep and delete the ones you don’t.

Request authentication

For every Docker action, a request is made to the API controller to verify the token validity before executing the action.

Privacy control

Control your privacy policies at either the namespace level or the container image level. You can change the privacy policies of the images to suit your needs.

Why choose Scaleway?

Our European, multi-cloud & open source DNA

Based in France with builders and customers all over the world, our services are located within the European Union and protected by its regulations.

Sustainable by design

100% of electricity consumed in our data centers comes from renewable energy. Decommissioned hardware are securely reused & recycled.

24/7 Ticket support

Our technical assistance is available 24/7 to answer all your questions and assist you. Upgrade to support plan to reach directly by phone.

Transparent & predictable billing

Our services are designed to offer you the best price/performance ratio, with straightforward billing to grow your business and keep your expenses under control.

Get started with tutorials

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Frequently asked questions

Scaleway Container Registry is a fully managed mutualized container registry, designed to facilitate storing, managing, and deploying container images. It simplifies the development-to-production workflow as there is no need to operate your own Container Registry or to worry about the underlying infrastructure.
You can store any Docker container image on the namespace and set the visibility of each image according to your needs. It can either be private or public.

Namespaces enable you to manage repositories in a simple, clear, and human-readable way. A namespace is a collection of container images that have a unique identifier (each namespace can only exist one time). A namespace belongs to a user, responsible for configuring the push and pull permissions.

Container images are files that include all the requirements and instructions of a complete and executable version of an application. When running an image, it becomes one or multiple Instances of that application. You can pull the image instructions, edit its settings, view its versions, or delete it.

Our Container Registry service is available in all regions (Paris, Amsterdam, Warsaw).

Yes, Scaleway Container Registry supports versioning and you can store as many versions of an image as you need.

All the namespaces within a geographical area must have unique names. If one customer is already using a name, it is unfortunately not available to be used by others.