Deploying containerized applications requires automation and monitoring, which Scaleway’s ecosystem can provide you with as you scale and your services expand. Help your development team to move faster, scale your services and expand your capabilities with containerization. Scaleway’s ecosystem offers you the automation and monitoring that you need.

Start with container

Containers are software packages that bundle an application’s code with the related dependencies, libraries, and configuration files so you can execute them in any environment as they do not depend on the underlying infrastructure.
Containers provide application portability across different environments, improve compute and memory usage, and allow you to better distribute responsibility between infrastructure and application actions. Containers clarify the distribution of tasks between developers and infrastructure managers.

Build and run applications with Scaleway’s Container offers

Container Registry

Start to store your container images

Choose a secure and reliable environment to store and manage your container images. Scaleway provides a Container Registry in a public or a private folder. Monitor the versioning and automate your deployment. You can also use our Application Library to deploy containerized applications in a few clicks.

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Serverless Containers

Deploy your container environment quickly

Easily deploy containers with our Serverless offer. Let Scaleway manage the underlying infrastructure and focus on your application code.

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Kubernetes Kapsule

Deploy and run containerized applications at scale

Deploy your container on Scaleway resources such as Development, General Purpose, Enterprise or GPU Instances with our in-house managed Kubernetes control plane.
Scaleway manages the Kubernetes configuration and monitors your containers following your settings.

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Kubernetes Kosmos

Deploy and run containerized applications with multi-cloud workloads

Get started with Scaleway’s managed Kubernetes for hybrid and multi-cloud initiatives. Deploy your container where it works best for you - on Scaleway’s infrastructure, on your premises, on a dedicated server or somewhere else in another cloud.

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The benefits of containers

Optimized processes

A container only carries the strict minimum needed in terms of configuration and library. It is a very lightweight resource compared with virtual machines. It allows developers to optimize the usage of each piece of hardware.

Workload portability

Containerization allows to abstract an environment, making development, deployment, and monitoring easier and achievable on many different kinds of machines.

Accelerate your time to market

Build an architecture made up of multiple containers instead of monolithic architectures. Release your services and applications quicker thanks to the continuous delivery, and iterate and update your code faster.

Scaleway containers service

Key features
Perfectly made for

Serverless Containers

No server configuration

Run containers without having to monitor the servers

Kubernetes Kapsule

Autoscaling & Autohealing

Deploy and run containers easily

Dedicated Control Plane

Highly available Control Plane

Scale heavy workloads seamlessly

Kubernetes Kosmos

Multi-cloud deployment

Execute and run containers anywhere

Container Registry

Private or public registries

Push, store, and pull container images

Deploy Kubernetes for your startup

Use cases

Build resilient applications

Kubernetes aims to make your applications infrastructure completely resilient.
By monitoring the health of your containers, and by automatically restarting them whenever they become faulty or unavailable, your applications are always available to your customers.

Automate deployment

Use a clear CI/CD deployment pipeline, especially for complex application infrastructure, thanks to the standardized interoperability of Kapsule and our Container Registry, where you can store and pull many images at scale

Use microservices

Breaking down monolithic architecture into a microservices-based architecture is common practice. Use our Kubernetes solutions to make managing your containers stress-free.

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Frequently asked questions

Serverless Containers is our offer for fully managed deployment without having to monitor the underlying infrastructure. Scaleway manages it for you and makes sure everything is running seamlessly.
Kubernetes Kapsule is also a managed service but you have control over the machine size and your network configuration, plus you can implement other add-ons and settings. It's much more suitable for production-ready deployment.

Depending on your use case requirements, your containerization and Kubernetes knowledge, your time constraints and budget, you won't select the same product for your container deployment.
If you need a multi-tenant deployment, you should use Kubernetes Kosmos.
To control and automate container deployment in Scaleway cloud environments, the best solution is Kubernetes Kapsule.
To test a service quickly before delivery, Serverless Containers will better meet your needs.