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This page explains the cookies used when you visit the following websites (the “Website”):

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files containing a chain of characters, stored by your browser on your device (computer, mobile, tablet, etc.). Cookies cannot be used to identify who you are, without other information. However, they record information relating to your browsing of the Website, such as your preferences for example, which may be read directly by our servers when you subsequently visit or send requests to the Website.

How are cookies used?

Most cookies that may be stored or read when you browse the Website are used solely to enhance your browsing experience on the Website and make certain services on the Website available. If you decide not to allow those cookies, this could adversely affect your experience on the Website and could even block your access to certain services offered on the Website. We disclaim all liability in that respect. Cookies that are necessary for the provision of the service you have requested may also be installed. They can be used, for example, to remember your interface customization choices while you continue browsing the Website or to maintain your session open during your time spent browsing the Website, after you have logged in and until you log out. Some cookies are used for statistical purposes and for web analytics, to help us improve our services and our Website. Those cookies are anonymous. Third parties may also install and use cookies on the Website. Those cookies are governed by the cookie policies implemented by those third parties and we recommend that you read them. We do not have any control over the cookies installed by third parties.

How can I manage cookies on my device and/or disable cookies?

Cookies can only be installed on your device with your consent unless they are strictly necessary for the provision of a service you have requested or they are solely designed to enable or facilitate electronic communications. Your prior consent is not required for anonymous cookies used solely to obtain statistics and for web analytics. However, you may disable the installation of those types of cookies on your device. When you visit the Website, a cookie banner informs you that we use cookies and invites you to enable or disable their installation on your device. They will only be installed if you accept them or if you continue browsing our Website by visiting another page of the Website or clicking on a link in the Website. Your consent is valid for 13 months and corresponds to the maximum retention period for our cookies. After 13 months, you will be asked to consent to cookies again. You may also manage your cookie preferences at any time, to enable or disable them, by following the instructions stated below. You can manage the installation of cookies on your device in the Internet settings menu of your browser. However, if you decide not to allow certain cookies, this could adversely affect or even block your access to certain services offered on the Website. You may disable the installation of cookies on your terminal through your browser settings using the following procedures:


  1. Click the Menu button and choose Preferences
  2. Select the Privacy & Security panel and go to the History section.
  3. In the drop-down menu next to Firefox will, choose Use custom settings for history.
  4. Uncheck Accept cookies from websites

Google Chrome

  1. Click More, and then Settings and then Advanced.
  2. Under Privacy and security click Content settings and then Cookies.
  3. Turn Allow sites to save and read cookie data off.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Select the Tools button and then select Internet Options.
  2. Select the Privacy tab and under Settings, select Advanced. Choose if you want to allow, block or be prompted for first and third-party cookies.


  1. Click Preferences and then Privacy.
  2. Select an option relating to cookies and website data.


  1. Click Preferences and then Advanced.
  2. Select an option relating to Cookies.


  1. Click Preferences and then Safari.
  2. In Privacy, select Block all cookies.


  1. Click More, and then Settings and then Site settings.
  2. In Cookies, turn Cookies off.

Windows Phone

  1. Click Settings and then Advanced.
  2. In the Cookies from websites drop-down menu, select Block all.

You can also regularly clear the cookies installed on your device.

For any questions regarding our cookie policy, please address your query at

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