Cost-Optimized Instances

Highly reliable Instances with shared vCPUs for your applications, priced affordably to fit any business and budget (x86 & ARM).

Rapid start at low cost

Start developing your applications and services at a reasonable cost thanks to shared vCPUs while running and scaling without the need for complicated configurations.

Easy deployment

Boost your Instances with pre-configured popular OS images and Instant Apps in a few clicks. Manage your resources with practical dev tools: Scaleway’s user-friendly Console, API, CLI or Terraform.

Consistent scale

Run small workloads like dev/test environments, web apps, and fully control your scale by resizing Instances and adapting to changing demands of your fast-growing business.

Available zones:
Paris:PAR 1PAR 2PAR 3
Amsterdam:AMS 1AMS 2AMS 3
Warsaw:WAW 1WAW 2WAW 3

Power your innovation: choose your core

Architecture ARM

coming soon

Discover the future of eco-efficient cloud computing with our ARM instances, where high performance meets sustainable innovation.

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Architecture x86

From €0.0088/hour (~€6/month)

Experience the ideal blend of price and performance with our x86 instances, tailored for development, testing, and production needs, powered by the latest AMD EPYC™ processors.

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Shared Instances benchmark

Not all vCPU deliver this level of performance

For 2vCPU / 4GB RAM Scaleway GCPDigital OceanAWS
RangePLAY2E2Premium AMDt3
ModelPLAY2.nanoe2.mediumPremium AMD 4GBt3.medium
Hourly price0,0270 €0,0335 €0,0417 €0,0392 €
Monthly price19,71 €24,46 €28,00 €28,65 €
GB6 Single-core score1703816827892
GB6 Multi-core score310356714501113

Prices are on-demand prices in March 2023. Monthly price is either the official monthly price or based on a cost estimate of 730 hours per month.
Benchmark made with GeenkBench v6 in March 2023. The higher score is the better.
Benchmark results: Scaleway, Amazon, Google, Digital Ocean
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Paris 1
You need a Flexible IP if you want to get an Instance with a public IPv4. Uncheck this box if you already have one available on your account, or if you don’t need an IPv4.

Estimated cost

ZoneParis 1
Flexible IPv4Yes0.004€
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Typical use cases

Lightweight Applications

Host small web applications and services that aren’t mission-critical.

Development environment

Test your applications in a cost-effective environment before pushing them to production.

Low-intensity workloads

Process data, resize images, queue up microservice workloads or streamline your CI/CD Process.

Deploy via Kubernetes

Run containers and easily scale apps with Kubernetes Kapsule.


  • ProcessorFrom 1 to 48 shared vCPUs

  • Processor typeAMD EPYC™ 7003/7001 series

  • MemoryFrom 2 to 256 GB RAM

  • Storage typeLocal / Resilient Block Storage

  • BandwidthFrom 100 Mbps to 6 Gbps

  • Ratio vCPU:RAMVarious (1:1, 1:2, 1:4)

  • Get started with tutorials

    • Running web analytics with Plausible on Ubuntu LinuxLearn more
    • Creating your own Minecraft serverLearn more
    • Hosting your own GitHub runner on an InstanceLearn more

    Frequently asked questions

    Cost-Optimized Instances are available in all regions: Paris (France), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Warsaw (Poland). Scaleway's data centers are all protected by biometric access control systems and by our own 24/7 on-site technical and security staff.

    Scaleway’s ImageHub is a catalog of system images that allow you to deploy, manage and scale your favorite applications in seconds, using image templates.
    We provide a wide range of different Linux distributions and InstantApps for Instances. Cost-Optimized Instances will work with a selection of the latest, most-acclaimed images, including Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Fedora. Check the full list here

    You can connect to your Instances through an SSH communication protocol. For additional security, you can restrict the access to your local IP only by using security groups.

    Cost-Optimized Instances support hot snapshots. This means you can perform a snapshot while your Instance is running. Hot snapshots allow you to create a point-in-time backup without downtime. Please note that hot snapshots can potentially lead to inconsistent data or data loss. Before taking a hot snapshot, you should always sync the data on your disk and stop I/O-intensive processes. Whenever possible, you should take a cold (Instance powered off) snapshot.

    A development and testing environment in a computing environment is a set of resources and tools used by developers and testers to create and test software applications in a cloud-based environment. This environment typically includes virtual machines, containers, and other cloud services. It allows developers to create and test applications in a scalable and cost-effective manner, without the need to maintain their own physical infrastructure.

    Yes, a Cost-Optmized Instance can be upgraded to a Production-Optimized instance, when you will need more high-performance instances. Scaleway makes it very easy to migrate your data from one Instance to another or upgrade your Instance to a more powerful one if your requirements grow. Learn how here

    Yes. Please refer to the tutorial, where we document the process of how to migrate from a first-generation of Cost-Optimized Instance (DEV1/GP1) with local storage to a second-generation of Cost-Optimized Instance(PLAY2/PRO2) with Block Storage using the Scaleway APIs and the Scaleway CLI.