Managed Database for PostgreSQL and MySQL

Ensure scalability of your infrastructure and storage with our new generation of Managed Databases designed to scale on-demand according to your needs.

Choose the right managed database

Cover all your needs from development to intensive workloads with our Cost-Optimized and Production-Optimized nodes. Stay focused on your core values: we handle backup administration, updates, setup and settings.

Scale your infrastructure

Host your databases on our latest nodes, in a click. Thanks to our Block-only offer, resize your storage on demand with no downtime and go from any to any node type as you want.

Save time and money

Keep your costs optimized thanks to our hourly pricing. Scale up and down to fit your actual needs and master your budget with no constraint on your data.

Technical Specifications

  • MySQLVersion 8

  • PostgreSQLVersions 12, 13, 14, 15

  • Processor1 to 48 vCPUs (AMD EPYC™ 7000/7001/7003 series)

  • Memory2 to 256GB RAM

  • Deployment optionsStand-alone, High Availability or Multi-AZ Read Replicas

  • Storage optionsBlock Storage only or Local Storage (1st generation)

  • Isolation1 node = 1 dedicated VM

  • Secure on VPCIsolate your Managed Database on a Private Network

  • What's new?

    Rely on dedicated resources for enhanced stability.

    Try the Production-Optimized range!

    Solid features for enhanced security

    Highly available and reliable databases

    Ensure High Availability of your data or discharge the requests on your primary database with Multi-AZ Read Replicas to speed up your data processing and allocate more space and resources.

    Maximum persistence with Block Storage

    Thanks to integration with Block Storage, you can scale up to 10TB with no downtime or interruption, without the need to upgrade the node type.

    Shared or dedicated resources

    Rely on our new Cost-Optimized database nodes that bring affordable prices with shared resources, or our Production-Optimized nodes with dedicated resources for your most demanding workloads and peace of mind.

    Automated deployment and backups

    Easily provision a production-ready database. Compatible with our Scaleway's Terraform Provider Plugin Validated by HashiCorp, you'll benefit from continuously monitored instances and from our auto-healing feature. Your backups and snapshots are automatically insured and are customizable from the Scaleway Console and Developers Tools.

    Extend your database settings

    You can customize the settings of your engine according to your needs. We provide you with many useful extensions such as TimescaleDB, PostGIS and other solutions. Turn your database into a vector database with pgvector.

    Check out PostgreSQL extensions

    Spend less and reduce pricing complexity

    You’ll only pay for what you use, with no up-front or monthly commitment. But what’s more, by getting rid of all those time-consuming, low-value tasks, your teams will be able to focus on core revenue-earning activities and save resources for important tasks.

    Managed Databases use cases


    PostgreSQL is a great solution for managing OLTP protocols (Online Transaction Processing) and processing a high number of transactions per second. Deploy and scale your database according to the seasonal needs of your application.

    The Benefits of Choosing Scaleway

    24/7 Live chat support

    Enjoy peace of mind with our 24/7 customer support. We ensure your infrastructure is always up and running.

    Enriched experience

    We offer a new experience with API access, Linux distributions, an intuitive console, and Terraform. Our customer is in the center of our business.

    European sovereignty

    Keep your customers’ data in Europe within our regions in Paris, Amsterdam & Warsaw. Built entirely on a Scaleway-designed technical stack, we guarantee true sovereignty from the infrastructure to the software level.

    Security and compliance

    Security requirements regarding the protection of data and cloud services, and data centers are essential. That’s why we never compromise on the security.

    Get started with tutorials


    Frequently asked questions

    You can access your Managed Databases directly and privately from an instance using Scaleway's Private Networks.
    On the details page of your Instance, the IP address and your Instance’s port are under the “Endpoint” section. It’s possible to connect to your Instance from any application using the IP address and the login/password of any valid database user. This can be managed from the “Users” tab.

    We provide you with many pg_extensions such as PostGIS and TimeScaleDB. You can find the complete list here.

    First you need to export your data using the pg_dump command and then you can import data using the pg_restore command.

    Managed Databases are all compatible with VPC, you can Isolate your databases on VPC with its own Private Network and make it communicate with the rest of the ecosystem such as instances, Elastic Metal or Load Balancer.