Managed Document Database

The open-source NoSQL database providing a MongoDB®-like developer experience.


Do not rewrite your application: based on FerretDB, we are compatible with MongoDB® core features such as commands, drivers and tools.

Optimize your cost

We rely and support true open source technologies. This ensures an affordable Managed Document Database for all.

Focus on development

Do not care about your Document Database, we take care of running it and managing it while you focus on your core business.

What is Managed Document Database?

Managed Document Database is a NoSQL-database based on FerretDB and PostgreSQL providing MongoDB® compatibility with main commands, drivers and tools at an affordable pricing.

  • FerretDB

    "The core of our solution is a stateless proxy, which converts MongoDB® protocol queries to SQL, and uses PostgreSQL as a database engine. This will be compatible with MongoDB® drivers, and should work as a drop-in replacement to MongoDB® in many cases." - FerretDB

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Popular use cases

Deploy your applications based on popular frameworks such as Prisma, Rails, Spring or Doctrine with a MongoDB®-like database.

Store events or data with frequently changing schemas in a flexible JSON format. Use Managed Document Database to store and query this information, so that it powers your analytics afterwards.

Ensure your favorite tools requiring MongoDB® APIs for storage relies on a secured, open-source and fully Managed Document Database.

Key features

Based on FerretDB open-source project

Managed Document Database is based on FerretDB, a truly Open Source MongoDB® alternative, built on PostgreSQL. It is compatible with MongoDB® 3.2 APIs.

Fully managed

We handle setup, configuration, patching, backups and performance optimization to free you from infrastructure management and let you focus on what matters.

Choose the node of your choice

Rely on our complete range of nodes with shared and dedicated resources depending on your needs.

High Availability and Read Replicas

Ensure High Availability of your data or discharge the requests on your primary database with Read Replicas to speed up your data processing and allocate more space and resources.

MongoDB® core features

Save time by using your MongoDB®-based code. No need to rewrite everything, FerretDB engine ensures compatibility with MongoDB® core features.

Upscaling made easy

Upgrade your node with more vCPU and RAM capacity to fit your needs from the Scaleway Console in just a few clicks.

Frequently asked questions

Many applications do not require every single MongoDB® feature out there. Managed Document Database covers the core feature set of MongoDB®, and will continue to ensure enhanced experience compatibility with MongoDB®. Other proprietary MongoDB alternatives also support most widely used features set from MongoDB® 3.0 or 3.2 APIs.

No, we rather think for many use cases, building on top of highly mature and capable engines like PostgreSQL is a better approach. To this regard, FerretDB's, which operate between the MongoDB® drivers and a PostgreSQL database backend, seems to us a better solution.

FerretDB, the engine behind the Managed Document Database, connects to a separate PostgreSQL process and connects to it as a client. PostgreSQL engine can not be seen or connected directly to through a SQL client (to ensure consistency at the MongoDB API level).