Production-Optimized Instances

Reliable, high-performance instances with dedicated vCPU for the most demanding workloads and mission-critical applications (x86).

Production grade

Leverage the state-of-the-art AMD EPYC™ 7003 series processors for high-performance and production-grade computing. Enhanced with AMD’s Secure Encrypted Virtualization, virtual machines are isolated from the hypervisor by default.

High performance

Achieve maximum performance for your most demanding workloads with dedicated vCPUs instances. Ensuring that your applications are always available when you need them.


Boot Instances faster and benefit from redundant Block Storage for highly available, triple-replicated data. Scale up to 10TB storage capacity without downtime to adapt according to your needs.

Available zones:
Paris:PAR 1PAR 2PAR 3
Amsterdam:AMS 1AMS 2AMS 3
Warsaw:WAW 1WAW 2WAW 3

Hardware specifications

  • ProcessorFrom 2 to 96 dedicated vCPUs

  • Processor typeAMD EPYC™ 7003 Series

  • MemoryFrom 8 to 384GB RAM

  • Storage typeBlock Storage on demand

  • BandwidthFrom 400 Mbps to 20 Gbps

  • Ratio vCPU:RAM1:4

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    Paris 1
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    Estimated cost

    ZoneParis 1
    Flexible IPv4Yes0.004€
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    Use cases

    High-traffic applications

    Our Production-Optimized VMs are designed to host your critical production environments as high-traffic applications. Deploy servers in seconds using the console, CLI, or Terraform directly, and distribute your traffic across Load Balancers.

    Build resilient architecture

    Create secure and reliable architecture with security groups, point-in-time recovery, snapshots, Private Networks, and Public Gateways. Rely on Block Storage and Object Storage to easily store your data.

    Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

    Leverage the balanced compute, memory, and network resources of our Production-Optimized instances for your data analytics and business intelligence operations. Whether you're running complex data mining tasks, predictive analytics, or real-time business intelligence applications, these instances deliver the consistent performance you need. Deploy servers in seconds using the console, CLI, or Terraform directly, and ensure your data-driven applications run smoothly and efficiently.

    SaaS Hosting

    Our Production-Optimized instances provide the reliability and performance needed to host Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. With high-end AMD EPYC™ vCPUs and the ability to scale up or down in a minute according to your needs, you can provide your customers with a seamless and responsive user experience. Plus, with security groups, snapshots, Private Networks, and Public Gateways, you can build secure and reliable architecture for your SaaS platform.

    Our benefits

    24/7 Live chat support

    Enjoy peace of mind with our 24/7 customer support. We ensure your infrastructure is always up and running.

    Enriched experience

    We offer a new experience with API access, Linux distributions, an intuitive console, and Terraform.

    Easy-to-use console

    Our user interface was created with developers in mind. To give you the best & fun experience managing your cloud projects.

    True cloud ecosystem

    Our cloud products are designed & built to work together, offering you a seamless, world-class cloud experience.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Production-Optimized Instances (ENT1) are located in Paris (France), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Warsaw (Poland).
    Scaleway's data centers are all protected by biometric access control systems and by our own 24/7 on-site technical and security staff.

    Scaleway’s ImageHub is a catalog of system images that allow you to deploy, manage and scale your favorite applications in seconds, using image templates.
    We provide a wide range of different Linux distributions and InstantApps for Instances. Production-Optimized Instances will work with a selection of the latest, most-acclaimed images, including Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Fedora. Check the full list here

    Dedicated Resources offer a more stable experience for Compute-Demanding workloads. Their benefits include:
    No “noisy neighbors”
    No “burst effects”
    Optimization for demanding and specific needs

    FR-PAR-2 is our second innovative and sustainable availability zone (AZ) in Paris. The eco-AZ FR-PAR-2 is our carbon-neutral & environmentally efficient region. FR-PAR-2 is 100% powered by renewable (hydraulic) energy and also has an energy footprint 30-40% lower than that of a traditional data center, thanks to the fact that it does not require air conditioning.

    A production environment is a system where software applications are executed and made available to end-users or customers. This environment is usually optimized for reliability, scalability, and security to ensure that the application runs smoothly and efficiently without interruptions or downtime. It is the final stage in the software development lifecycle where the application is deployed and maintained for live use.