Secret Manager

Protect your sensitive data across your cloud infrastructure.

Centralize your secrets in one place

Secret Manager encrypts and stores all your Secrets (API keys, logins, passwords…) within a centralized location, enhancing the security of your infrastructure and reducing risks related to data breaches or any other security incidents.

Simplify your sensitive data management

With Secret Manager, you can automatically manage a large volume of secrets, boosting your productivity and allowing your team to focus on business critical tasks.

Automatize Secret governance

Secret Manager is integrated with your favorite tools to help you securely manage sensitive data across your infrastructure. It enables secret management within containerized apps using Kubernetes and automation of Secret Access with Ansible and Terraform.

Secret Manager features

Encrypted Storage

We use envelope encryption (AES-256) via our Key Management System (KMS) to encrypt all your secrets, guaranteeing their protection even in the event of security breaches


Each time you update a secret, we store a new version of it. You can view and manage all the versions of your secrets from a single interface. Each changes are easily traceable.


Secret Manager is integrated with orchestration and automatization tools, such as Kubernetes, Terraform and Ansible.

IAM Permissions

IAM lets you control access to your Secret Manager to limit who can view or modify your secrets, and what actions they can perform. IAM helps you strengthen the security of your infrastructure and protect your sensitive data.

Predictable pricing

Version storage
0.04€ per version monthly
0.03€ per 10 000 API calls monthly

Popular use cases

Deploy a secured web app with K8s and Secret Manager

Secret Manager integration with Kubernetes’s External Secret strenghten your container-based app security while ensuring all your APIs or databases are synchronized simultaneously.

Protect your confidential data across your infrastructure

Get started

Get started with tutorials

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Frequently asked questions

Storing secrets securely is critical to protect sensitive information (passwords, API keys, security certificates, tokens…) and preventing data breaches. Secret Manager provides a centralized and secure way to manage secrets across different applications and environments.

Secret Manager uses Scaleway private KMS (Key Management System) encryption and access controls to protect secrets. Secrets are encrypted at rest and in transit, while access to secrets is controlled through IAM policies and permissions. More information is available in the dedicated documentation page.

Secret Manager pricing structure is based on the number of Secret’s versions and API calls. Learn more on our pricing page.

Secret Manager allows you to easily migrate or reference your existing secrets.
Learn how in our how-to page.