Social Responsibility

Commitments built on diversity, equity and inclusion

The unprecedented situation we faced over the past two years has significantly exacerbated economic and social inequalities around the world. At the same time, it has heightened our awareness of the role businesses play in addressing these challenges. At Scaleway, we took this opportunity to reinvent our way of working, our management methods and, more widely, to rethink our purpose.

Now, more than ever, we are convinced that companies need to have a positive impact on society, and the environment. This is why we have doubled our efforts to reinforce our commitment to our employees, our clients, and society as a whole.

At Scaleway, we believe that our people are the key to the success of our business. It’s no secret that diversity in teams leads to better decision making, innovation and results. That’s why we’ve chosen “singularity” and “community” as our core values, specifically to highlight just how important diversity is for us.

Our business growth depends on our capacity to hire teams that bring a wide array of knowledge, skills and cross-cultural understanding, and this is part of our DNA. To reflect this, we have carefully designed our recruitment strategy to allow space for candidates with unconventional backgrounds. We know that a variety of experience and different points of view bring incredible value to our company.

We have committed to taking a proactive approach to developing the rich skills of all our workforce and to opening up professional opportunities in creative and flexible ways. We continuously aim to provide a good work-life balance for all employees, and push for equal representation in all lines of business.

Of course, this cannot be achieved alone, we are supported by numerous partnerships such as 50inTech, Ecole 42 and Startup Weekend Women Paris among others. We will also continue to explore new partnerships and opportunities when they are aligned with our values.

Catherine Simon, Chief People Officer
Scaleway, the cloud of choice

Scaleway’s Egapro 2021 Index score*of 91/100, up 27 points from 2020

*The French government index on Women-Men's professional equality

As part of our social policies, we are continuing in our efforts to promote gender diversity and equality. Thanks to improved recruitment, training and internal promotion practices, a reduction to the gender pay gap, and better representation of women in all areas of the company, Scaleway’s 2021 Egapro Index score* has risen by 27 points.

In accordance with the French law “for the freedom to choose one's professional future”, ​​companies with over 50 employees are evaluated on gender and wages equality. This index allows companies to measure their progress in terms of professional equality, and, when necessary, take corrective action.

This index is calculated on an annual basis using 4 or 5 indicators according to the size of a company. This indicators include pay, pay rises, promotions, maternity leave, and gender parity within top management. This index must be made public, and submitted to the Inspection du Travail (French Labor Inspection).

1 - pay gap38/4029/4036/40
2 - gaps in individual pay rises
3 - gaps in promotions15/15
4 - employees given a raise upon return from maternity leavecannot be calculated (eq. 14)15/1515/15
5 - number of employees from the underrepresented gender among the 10 highest earners5/55/55/5
Total index score92/10064/10091/100

Our commitments to ensuring professional equality

  • Eliminating the gender pay gap

    As part of our priority objectives for 2022, and to reflect our values, we are aiming to completely eliminate the gender pay gap at Scaleway by the end of 2022. We will do so thanks to a dedicated budget, and a transparent salary grid.

  • Promoting internal mobility and the development of key skills

    Diversity and inclusion are core values of our company culture, yet tech companies are not doing enough to train future talent for these high-demand positions.This is why, at Scaleway, we have invested in our own program to help train new engineers, no matter their background - self-taught or new graduates. By starting their careers at Scaleway, they can become the “Cloud Builders” of the future.
    Schools train future cloud services users. At Scaleway, we are the ones building these services, and that requires highly advanced technical knowledge and skills. To help bridge the gap, this internal academy was designed to resemble a physical training program, allowing selected trainees (Cloud Builders) to join our teams feeling confident in their skills, and having already been immersed in our company culture, and technical and interpersonal best practices.

    Our internal training programs are built on practical workshops, allowing trainees to learn while doing in order to improve employability, and to support those who are learning a new skill through internal, or external, mobility programs.

    Apply to the Cloud Builder Launchpad

Our partnerships


50inTech is a data-driven, collaborative, and inclusive networking platform which acts as a business and career accelerator for women in tech – connecting them with a professional network, as well as providing them with training and practical tools necessary to succeed. Its professional and international community is dedicated to improving the place of women in tech. The organization actively supports companies in their diversity challenges and the recruitment of talented women.

See our profile on the 50inTech website


We have created strong relationships with universities and schools with the goal to make our responsible, open and inclusive vision of the tech industry a reality. To do that, we provide students with knowledge that is vendor agnostic with as many useful and transferable skills as possible - to help broaden their career opportunities, and bridge the gap between students and the professional world. Our Academia Program aims to improve the autonomy of students, and to help them develop the skills they need, on their own terms.

Find out about our Academia Program

Other organizations

Scaleway is also working with organizations like DesCodeuses to provide opportunities to those who have reduced access to the labor market. DesCodeuses is a French social start-up dedicated to women from disadvantaged neighborhoods in order to present the various professional opportunities related to digital technology and organize workshops.

Learn more about DesCodeuses

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